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Wabash County Museum (Burkett House)

Mt. Carmel bi-centennial books -  $5.00
A booklet of newspaper clippings first published in 1976 called "Ye Olden Times" - $3.00
A few civil war letters from Dr. Samuel Shepherd to his uncle (They are transcribed and printed.) -  $1.00 for all

Please Note: The Wabash County Museum and the Wabash County Historical Society are separate entities with business from one being separate from the other.

Wabash County Historical Society
P. O. Box 911, Mt. Carmel, IL  62863

Today, Wabash County, Illinois is bounded on the north by Lawrence & Richland counties; on the east and south by the Wabash River; and on the west by Edwards county with the Bonpas Creek flowing between. In 1818, Palmyra, located on the Wabash River just north of the mouth of Crawfish Creek approximately 4 miles north of Mt. Carmel, was the county seat of Edwards County. At that time, Edwards County was bordered on the east by Indiana, south to where the Bonpas Creek entered the Wabash River; then west to present day Mt. Vernon, IL, and then north to Canada. The county encompassed half of Illinois and much of present day upper peninsula Michigan and Wisconsin. There was a flood of migration into and through this area and to many it served as a Gateway to the West.

The Wabash Co. Historical Soc. was established in 1968 to help preserve the rich history of this area; and in 1996 we voted to include genealogy into the aims and goals of our society. In order to disseminate historical & genealogical information that we have gathered and  preserved we have published the following works:

History and Families Wabash County, Illinois 1824-1993 (1993)
A leather bound volume with 512 pages with an every name index and includes 810 biographies; 1100 photos; and the history of the county, its businesses, churches, clubs, communities, organizations & schools. We have a limited number of books left at the low price of $58.00

Tri-County Union Soldiers
A booklet containing lists of over 2000 Union soldiers from Edward, Lawrence, and Wabash Counties, IL with an every name index. It also includes information about what company each man was in, his rank, muster & discharge dates (with reason for discharge) and each engagement that they participated in. We are selling this booklet for $6.00 plus shipping & handling fee of $4.00

Works in progress are:
Transcription of 1910 Census of Wabash Co., IL with an every name index
Wabash Cullings - Community News of Wabash Co., IL, from Allendale, Bellmont, Bosecker, Browns, Cowling, East Mt. Carmel, Franklin, Friend Grove, Friendsville, Groff, Keensburgh, Lancaster, Linn, Maud, Ogden Corners, Patton, Pleasant Grove, Rochester, St. Francisville, and Union in 1900. A depiction of rural life (births, deaths, church & school activities, farming, etc) at the beginning of the last century. with an every name index

If there is enough interest we can reprint in booklet form with index a couple of the series that we published in our newsletters from 1997 - 1999. Which includes:
1930 Businesses in Wabash & Edwards Counties
1920 Wabash County Farmers Directory
which includes names of farm family head of household & his wife & children, name of farm, precinct & Sec location, how long they've lived in county.

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Wabash Co. Historical Soc.
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A newsletter is available from the historical society for an annual membership fee of $10.00

Other back issues are available. All have WCHS in Review (our activities); News about Burkett House Museum & Queries. Special items that may be of interest are (price includes postage & handling)

April, 1997 -- pp. 1-8 ------------------------- $2.00
 Lincoln Buggy Ride to Mt. Camel - 1840
 Facts About Wabash Co.
Wabash Co. Centennial Farms
Friedens United Church of Christ by Edna Anderson
Businesses - Mt. Camel-1930 -- A & P - M T. Cotner Motors
On The Lincoln Heritage Trail

October, 1997 -- pp. 9-26 ------------------------- $4.00
An Illinois Pioneer (Born in Fort Compton) by Benjamin Goble
IL - 1810 census - Coffee Creek area (incl all of Wabash Co.)
Wabash Presbyterian Church (Orio)
Wabash Co. teachers 1899-1900
Wabash Co. Farmers Directory - 1920 - H. Alka - W. Elsie
Businesses - Mt. Carmel - 1930-  Cowling Co. - Reed-Hudson-Essex Co.
Wabash Co. Baby Boomers - 1947 (found in news [include those b. in IN hospitals])
Havill's Every Morning (tidbits from 1908 newspaper)

April, 1998 -- pp. 27-43 ------------------------- $4.00
Historical Sketch of St. Mary's Parish
Painter Cemetery by Edna Anderson
Patriotic Men of Edwards, Lawrence & Wabash Counties
Wabash Co. Farmers Directory - 1920 - B. Epler - S. Luby
Tuition (Rural) Students enrolled in Mt. Carmel High - 1924
Businesses - Mt. Camel - 1930 - Republican Register - T. D. Young
Maps of Illinois Counties - 1790,1801,1809,1812,1815,1816,1819, and 1824

October, 1998 -- pp. 44-65 ------------------------- $4.00
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church by Lucille Clark
50th Anniversary of 1.0.0. F in 1998
100th Anniversary of Spanish-American War
The Boys of 98 in Cuba by John F. Couch
Wabash Co. Farmers Directory - 1920 - A. Lutz - H. Schmitt
Businesses - Allendale, Belmont, and Keensburg - 1930
1948 graduates and teachers of Allendale High School
1948 graduates and teachers of Mt. Carmel High School
Jordan Creek Cemetery by Betty Foshee
Seiler Reunion - 1965 --and-- 90th birthday of Charles Fearheiley
Genealogy Material on loan to Mt. Carmel Library

April, 1999 -- pp. 66-87 ------------------------- $4.00
Mt Carmel Public High School Graduates 1882 - 1899
Historical Sketch of St Mary's Parish (continued from Apr. 1998 newsletter)
1899 Deaths in Wabash Co., IL with obits for Judge Isaac Hershey & Nellie Hill
Wabash Co. Farmers Directory - 1920 - M. Schmitt - C. Stephens
Businesses - Albion, Bone Gap, and Browns - 1930
1949 graduates of Allendale High School
1949 graduates of Mt. Carmel High School
Genealogy Resources at Mt. Carmel Library by Louise Taylor
Pedigree/Ancestor Chart - Grundon/Courson/Deputy family
Life Story of J. A. VanSenden

October, 1999 -- pp. 88-108 ------------------------- $4.00
Wabash Co., IL Reference Sources - internet site
George Washington excerpt from, "The Beginner's American History", by D. H. Mongomery, 1892
Departed Glories of Old Palmyra, by D. E. Keen in 1924
Methodist Episcopal Church
1915 plat map of Coffee precinct
People on R.F.D. Routes in Keensburg area - 1915
History of Keensburg
1930 Eighth Grade Graduates of Village and Rural Schools - Wabash Co.
Wabash Co. Farmers Directory - 1920 - G. Stephens - J. Zimmerman
Businesses - West Salem - 1930
1899 story about Lingenfelter boy & the Rev. Archibald